Mooshka, the alternative to Lalaloopsy?

I heard of this line and didn’t know what to expect really. I get the style of the faces of these dolls. My only issue is the obvious similarities to Lalaloopsy. Lalas were magically brought to life rag dolls. Mooshka are paper dolls that brought themselves to life with the “power of friendship”. They each have distinctive shoebox houses. There is even a line of Mooshka tots, much like Lalaloopsy Littles. The dolls have the same faces and similar-yet-different hairstyles and similarly styled dresses, sort of like Lalaloopsy did in the beginning. Mooshka dolls are like those old fashioned folksy types of stuffed dolls with the printed faces, as opposed to a slightly more 3 dimensional rag doll with button eyes, also old fashioned and folksy. The artwork for both lines is a flat 2d cutout style. This makes more sense with Mooshka than Lalaloopsy though, however it works best for flash animation.

So why is MGA basically copying itself? Are they trying to appeal to people who are not into the whole plastic rag doll thing and focusing more on the soft dolls? Were people being so closeminded in thinking that Lalaloopsy looked too much like the dolls in Coraline, in spite of the long history of button-eyed rag dolls existing beforehand? It makes me wonder why Lalaloopsy were made plastic to begin with if they were gonna turn around and make Mooshka dolls.

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