In the early 2000s I created a website with yahoo geocities called Powerpuff’n’stuff. I drew Powerpuff girls by hand, some cosplay and some not, with a Hello Kitty layout. Then Around 2002 I was taught Adobe Illustrator in college and used my new-found knowledge of drawing with vectors to draw Powerpuff Girls. This time I made the site about other cartoon characters too: Dexter’s Lab, Samurai Jack, and then Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends. I made icons, cosplays, and other drawings. Eventually my interests started to fade and started to lean more towards old SEGA games. Then yahoo closed down geocities leaving me with nothing but my angelfire blog and some links to my artwork in a photobucket account.

Recently Lalaloopsy Littles caught my eye. I didn’t think much of the dolls before then. Maybe it was their Powerpuff Girl-like proportions or maybe it was because one of them in particular reminded me of Blossom. Whatever the reason, as my Sonic interest fades my PPG interest is returning. I’ve also become more interested in the Laloopsy line in its entirety. Most of the originals look too similar to me but there are a few gems. This blog is dedicated to them. I’m going to try to fill it with fan art and references of any Powerpuff Girl, Lalaloopsy, or hybrid drawings I do.


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